I have been in the audio visual business for about 15 years or so and have performed just about every position on a crew that one can perform from the truck un-loader to break-out AV Tech to Technical Director etc. So, I'll start with the higher end positions I am currently capable of and work my way down from there.
Labor Coordinator:
I started my own labor business and ran it for about 7 years supplying labor for quite a few different AV companies nationwide and out of Canada. I specifically hired AV Techs and higher end positions such as for a General Session crew. All of my people were neck up people who were professionals at everything they were hired to do. I didn't hire stage hands for various reasons. I just recently got out of that business, but I still have most of my contacts.
Technical Director for General Sessions:
I have just started performing in this position for the last three years or so. Mostly for Presentation Services and AGP Productions. I have to say that I am still in the learning mode on this one but, I enjoy doing it immensely.
Breakout Coordinator:
I love this job. Presentation Services has hired me to coordinate approximately 150 break-out rooms at the Wyndham Anatole. Even though I was given the wrong paperwork three different times and over a three day period, we still came off like clockwork and only had a couple of glitches that were serious enough to make us work up a sweat over. This was a very complex event with multiple factions within the client that we had to deal with each on a daily basis. When the main client left they signed a contract to come back and they requested that I come back and coordinate their break-outs again. It was exhausting, but exhilarating.
Video Engineer/V1:
I began getting into video in a big way only about 5 or so years ago, but I love it as much as I do the break-out coordinating job. I have learned so much working for various companies. One, whose name I won't mention, always has equipment that I have to cobble together somehow someway in order to get the end result that the clients want. It is a truly awesome feeling being able to do that. I must preface this though. So far, I have only worked to using the Folsom ScreenPro. I haven't had the chance to use the ScreenPro Plus yet. I feel confident that, if I had enough time with the manual and some remedial training, it wouldn't be any problem figuring it out.
PowerPoint tech:
This is a position I can fill on a basic to mid-level capability. To be really super good at this, one would have to have more than a working knowledge of not just Microsoft PowerPoint, but also Adobe Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, and several different video editing applications. Plus, they have to have that creative gene that separates artists from normal people. I don't have that gene. But, with that said, I can do some basic to mid-level editing of a PowerPoint presentation. If all they want is someone to forward and reverse the slides, then I can definitely fulfill that role.
Computer Technician:
I love computers and what they can do. I have built several from the ground up and plan on building many more as funds become available or someone contracts with me to do so. I very familiar with building a conferences internet caf, setting up computers (both desktop and laptop) in the various places they need to be set up, as well as hooking up the various printers and networking that has to be done nowadays.
Tape Operator for General Session:
What can I say here? Hmm, for recording making sure your audio levels are kept good, proper labeling, and striping the tape stock in a coherent fashion. For playback purposes, making sure the right tape is cued up and the deck on standby when it's time and having your timing down for proper count outs on each segment. I like performing this position as well.
Camera Operator:
I am pretty good with a camera on sticks. Long glass or short range, either way is fine with me. I prefer to set-up and tear-down my own camera though. Due to a work related injury I can no longer offer my services as a handheld camera operator though.
Audio for General Session:
Either Audio Engineer/A1 or A2. These are positions I am not qualified for in a big general session or main tent arena. One area I have always had difficulty because of hearing issues is feedback. Recently however, in an attempt to alleviate that problem, I purchased a Behringer DEQ2496 (found here at Behringer DEQ2496). With this device and especially when I purchase an RTA microphone to go with it, I can get a room eq'd in a matter of moments using the RTA to show me which frequencies are topping out and then using the parametric eg as well as the graphic eq this device has to get rid of the feedback. Kind of an interactive feedback destroyer if you will. Now, I am still learning this device so, I need some of the smaller audio shows in order to practice with it. So, let's give it a shot and see how well it works.
Lighting for General Session:
Either Lighting Director/L1 or L2 or lighting hands. These are positions I am not qualified for.
Break-out Positions:
I started off as a break-out AV tech/floater/room operator. I can pretty much fulfill any of these roles anytime anywhere anyhow. Since I have gotten more into the higher end of positions I haven't done a whole lot of break-outs, but these are positions that are now ingrained into me deeply and no matter what I do later in life I will always be able to perform in these positions.
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